Application for contactless payments on your smartphone

  • Save on a bank terminal
  • Accept all types of contactless payments on Android devices
  • Security in line with VISA Ready and PCI DSS standards requirements

A modern solution for contactless payments


More than 80% of all cashless payments in Russia are contactless. By 2023 contactless will become the most popular payment method.


All you need is a smartphone with an NFCmodule and a free application on it. You pay only for successful operations.


All data is transmitted only in an encrypted mode, with no payment data stored on the smartphone. Compliant with VISA Ready and PCI DSS Level 1 security standards.

More than just a smartphone

Turn smartphones of your employees into a terminal for contactless payments


Certified application turns Android smartphone with the NFC module into a terminal for contactless payments.


Accept payments from Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Mir Pay devices, and contactless cards.


tap2go works in conjunction with a register app. Fiscalization is performed remotely via the register app, in line with 54-FZ.

What equipment do you need?

tap2go works on Android 9.0+ mobile devices with an NFC module.

How it works?

  1. The merchant launches a register app on a smartphone with tap2go. Software reader activates and the smartphone is ready to accept payments;
  2. The consumer touches the merchant’s smartphone with a contactless card or smartphone;
  3. tap2go exchanges data with the card or smartphone and sends an encrypted package to an acquirer bank to make a transaction in the payment system;
  4. The merchant receives results of payment authorization;
  5. The consumer receives paid goods or services and an electronic receipt.

Application compatibility


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Extra security + NFC technology

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