How to create a recurrent payment?

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Recurrent payment – is a direct debit of funds from customer’s banking card account, created and performed in accordance with service contract. The customer does not need to remember about periodical payments – funds are debited automatically once the consent is given.


Creating recurrent payment in mobile application

  1. Plug your ibox reader into headphones socket on your smartphone. Check it to be completely plugged in (smartphone cover may interrupt)
  2. Start iboxPro app
  3. Enter your login and password for ibox system into corresponding fields, if authentication is successful you will be moved to payment acceptance screen
  4. Enter the amount of payment. You can also attach a comment with a short description of transaction and make and attach a photo
  5. Press “Pay” button
  6. Select “Recurrent payment” as a method of payment
  7. Ask the customer to give you e-mail or phone number to notify the client about fund withdrawals from the card. Enter data into corresponding fields
  8. Create a schedule – rules for direct debiting of funds – in accordance with contract or rates schedule. Select intervals, e.g. “only once” and enter the date of debit into “Start on…” field. Press “Done” button.
  9. Re-check the schedule and press “Save”
  10. Set microphone level to maximum and swipe the card through ibox reader, with magnetic strip towards wider part of the reader.

Done, recurrent payment is created!

Before the first direct debit will be made, the schedule must be activated by the manager at the office, after confirming that the schedule matches the contract.

If your card does not support direct debiting of funds, please contact the issuing bank.


Starting schedules in web application

Working with payment schedules is available only to authorized users.

To activate a schedule:

  1. Select “Schedules” in the main menu
  2. Select “New” schedule in the list of actual schedules
  3. Press “Recurrent payment details” button in preview form
  4. Check the conditions of the contract to be compliant with rules created by agent; also check client’s personal data: mobile phone number and email
  5. If everything is correct, press “Start” button.

Done, the schedule is now activated!

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