How to check that the system is working?

SupportAccepting payments

To check ibox system you can test it by making a “zero payment”. You can use your own card for that, no amount of money will not be deposited from it if you use “zero payment” feature.

  1. Plug your ibox reader into headphones socket on your smartphone. Check it to be completely plugged in (smartphone cover may interrupt)
  2. Start iboxPro app
  3. Enter your login and password for ibox system into corresponding fields, if authentication is successful you will be moved to payment acceptance screen
  4. Enter the amount of payment into its field – “0.00” and a short test description, you can also make and attach a test photo to your payment
  5. Press “Pay” button
  6. Select “Banking card” as a method of payment 
  7. Set microphone level to maximum and swipe the card through ibox reader, with magnetic strip towards wider part of the reader. Or insert the card with chip facing upwards inside the slot (see markings on the terminal) and press OK. 
  8. Sign on your smartphone’s display. Press “Continue”
  9. To send check that confirms transaction’s success, enter your email or cellphone number into corresponding fields and press “Send check”

Done, “zero payment” is accepted!

If everything works right, you will receive check on your email or SMS and the record of that payment will appear in payment history.

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