A multi-level security you can trust.

Application security

Client application’s security is based on a strict quality and security control at every stage of its development. No card or card owner data is stored on client devices. System applications are made in line with PCI-DSS standard.


Physical and net security

ibox security starts at a hardware level: all servers are located in protected data processing center. The system itself is based on PCI-DSS standards and uses SSL and DUKPT cryptographic protocols, tested and trusted by finance professionals, for data transfer.

Organizational security

The ibox system is built to provide maximum protection for client and user data. All confidential data is translated only in encrypted mode, all payment cards and card owner’s data is erased from the system after the payment is complete. Even if you lose your ibox – it will be useless for intruders: application does not keep magnetic strip data or security codes on your device.


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